9 years. It took NINE years to finally create landing page for Codito. Yeah, there was site, but it was always “in progress”, inviting to come back later.

Why I wasn’t able to do it through these years? There are several reasons, but the most important is: overthinking! 😅

Really, every time I wanted to do it I was like “Mhmmm, so let’s start with A.. No, it does not support B. Maybe C - nah, it won’t handle D. So I need E! Damn, too much work for now, I don’t have time for this”.

So I was developing myself for a long time, worked with several companies and on multiple projects, gave my best everywhere - except my own portfolio 🙄

But at this point of my career I decided that I really need to create it. There is so much knowledge I can share, problems that I solve at work, things I deal with, that I’m sure other people would find useful. It will also work as a notepad, so I can benefit from it too 😉

From now on, I’ll try to write many different stuff: how-tos, tech news, subjective articles etc. I’ll also try to create posts about things from the past, that I find important and want them to be here.

So let’s do it! 😎